Monday, March 28, 2011

STYLE / KENZO / 1980'S

Kenzo's jungle look from the 80's is one of my favourites.A look thats rich sensual and quite adaptable .
Chunky knitted sweaters , long colourful skirts over scrunched up leggings, deserts boots  with a knitted woollen sock, Hats , scarves and overcoats or ponchos.
Perfect for a melbourne winter thats going to be cold , windy and nasty.
More clashing prints with similar colours are the key to this look.Dont be afraid to wear headscarves under hats.Aztec prints, Tibetan , any tribal textile also looks great.
Girls are almost doing this look around town, in a much more subtle PAM way of layering oversized pieces with contrasting prints.I guess its about as close to Kenzo Jungle look as you'll get of the rack.
Rock this with an oversized  leather/ canvas bag or a huge leather backpack .
.That is all.


Tony Viramontes was born in Los Angeles in 1960. After travelling extensively we was based in New York  - studying photography and fine arts until a trip to Paris saw him work for major houses like Valentino, Claude Montana and Yves Saint Laurent.He was also was a contributor for THE FACE , working closely with the incredible Ray Petri , Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz on projects that resulted in "Buffalo Style", an incredible fashion movement in the 80's/90's.
Viramontes sketches were fast,furious, angular and electric.
His sketches also caught Anna Piaggi's attention - he also worked for Vogue Italia, Harpers Bazaar and other publications of the time.
Album covers like Janet Jackson "Control" and Duran Duran's side project "Arcadia" were also created by Viramontes.
Noted as saying about the creative process '' I look for new ideas because I like to be in a state of creative anxiety and insecurity.If I feel sure of myself I cannot be creative.I try to renew myself"

From this , a natural progression from drawing to photography to film was inevitable but unfortunately too late.Like most of the people who are my heroes from the eighties, Viramontes died of Aids in 1988.He was 28.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Designer Patrick Kelly was born in Mississippi and later moved to New York in the early 80's as a window dresser for the Yves Saint Laurent boutique there- he did it for free..
Later, Kelly moved to Paris and was a costume designer for the nightclub Le Palais , then started his own line Patrick Kelly with great success.He was the first American to be inducted as a member of the Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter .
His use of decorative motifs, buttons, pins, nails - american glamour and humorously adorned  european style body conscious dresses .
Sadly at the age of 35 , Patrick Kelly passed away from AIDS.The Brooklyn Museum in 2004 held a retrospective of garments from the Patrick Kelly estate.


Meeting in 1974 at a party for Kenzo in Paris. Pierre , a photographer and Gilles , a painter  came together to produce the most distinctive style of the  80's and 90's.Merging fashion, art , high camp and drama.
Photographing famous friends like Nina Hagen, Jean Paul Gaultier for his iconic "Le Male" advertisements, Marc Almond for "Mother Fist", Rupert Everett and Dee-Lite to beautiful unknowns, the photographs were then retouched and painted by hand to give the warm, dream like quality reserved usually for religious souvenirs of saints. Pierre et Gilles still produce their photographs for Fashion, album covers and film with exhibitions in Europe , America and a retrospective in Shanghai in 2005.


I came across Sun Araw the other night when i was looking for something else.
There seems to be so much great stuff coming out of LA , bands like Ducktails, Pocahaunted, Magic Lantern and Seeland.

Sun Araw is the solo effort of Magic Lanterns guitarist Cameron Stallones. Lo-fi and tropical K-Hole "Horsesteppin" has the best clip with film edited into a peyote fuelled 90's beach party.
Listen to Sun Araw "On Patrol" and "Off Duty".

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Voina or the Russian word for "War" , was born from a group of Philosophy students from Moscow's State University in 2007.An active and passionate political performance art group that has been liberating everyday Russian's lives and making a mockery of the corrupt political regime that is guiding Russia into the future.
The group has its two of its three founders detained in jail, with no bail set and no trial.For upturning a cop car on the street as performance.As well as throwing cats into a Moscow McDonalds ' on "Workers Day" to stop the monotony of everyday day workers lives who slave and save for minimum wage.

Holding a funeral feast for the Absurdist poet Dmitry Prigov on a metro train, groups of people having public sex in the museum of Biology and the best ..Painting a giant dick on a Moscow drawbridge so when it was raised it directly faced a prominent government building . Artist Banksy recently bankrolled the money to release Voina's founders from Jail, after hearing about there plight against the government and censorship.